Monumental announces program to help fans register to vote

/ by Tyler Byrum
Presented By Sandy Spring Bank

Monumental Sports and Entertainment announced today a new partnership with HeadCount to encourage fans of the Washington Capitals, Wizards and Mystics to register to vote at home games throughout the year.  

During every game at Capital One Arena and the Entertainment and Sports Arena, there will be a table on the concourse level where representatives will be stationed. There, fans will be able to register to vote and participate in season-long contests to win team-branded items. 

The new program launched on July 21 at the Mystics' only home game at Capital One Arena this season.

“The call for voting comes up often during presidential election years – which is understandable. It’s the one ballot choice which every American shares. But the truth is, the presidency has far less impact on a citizen’s everyday life than the hyper-local, elected officials who are often chosen in ‘off-years,'” MSE’s President, External Affairs & Chief Administrative Officer Monica Dixon said in a statement. “But too many people stay home during those crucial elections which grant authority to leaders who dictate the policies and practices of neighborhoods and towns."

Wizards star Bradley Beal and Natasha Cloud have been at the forefront of voter awareness in the D.C. area for the past several seasons. Monumental has made an effort to support the players and their social passions while playing for their teams.


"It's really about keeping this front and center for our fans. The voting initiative was originally created by Brad Beal and Natasha Cloud two years ago as they were thinking about how to get more engaged in the community and to bring their fans into that same engagement," Dixon told NBC Sports Washington. 

An emphasis on voting was made a priority by the organization back in 2020. The Mystics - who played their entire season in a bubble down in Bradenton, Fl. - sacrificed a possession at the start of every game to allow their television announcers to promote getting registered to vote.

"We've been talking about that as an organization, it's still been one of the priorities for WNBA players and staffs in general for the last couple of years," Mystics head coach Mike Thibault said at a pregame press conference. "And I'm glad we can kick it off here, during our season and hopefully over the course of the next several years that will be an important part of what we can contribute to the community as far as getting people want to have a lot to say then one of the ways you say it is through your vote, and I think that's, that's an important thing for us."

HeadCount's will staff over 120 games and events between Capital One Arena and Entertainment & Sports Arena throughout the 2022-23 sports seasons.