New Capitals coach Peter Laviolette already rocking the red


The Washington Capitals new head coach, Peter Laviolette, is already rocking the red! The Capitals posted a photo on the team’s social media channels of a Caps flag flying at the Laviolette’s lake house.

During an interview earlier today, I asked Laviolette about the backstory and he shared that his family had the flag even prior to the deal being official.

“We knew things were going to happen, no matter what we’re going to get it done. So my wife went online to order some stuff and my kids have been on her to order some stuff,” Laviolette said. “The flag was here a few days beforehand, but the lake can get a little busy sometimes, and I think some people know we live here so I didn’t want to get it up there too early. [Sunday] we knew it was done, but we wanted to wait for this morning and the announcement.”

What if the news had been broken online by someone seeing the flag at the lake house? That would have been a novel way to break a story. Pretty confident in journalism history that's never been done before. But the Laviolette's remained patient and waited to hoist the Capitals flag on a pretty New Hampshire morning with winds ripping across the lake. 

"The flags were out there perfect and they are great looking colors top and bottom," Laviolette said. 

Caps fans are already excited about Peter Laviolette coming to D.C. due to his Stanley Cup track record - one championship and two teams that made it to a Game 6 of the Cup Final. He and his family are excited to be headed to Washington, too, to try to bring a second Cup to the nation's capital.