There will be no discipline for Evgeny Kuznetsov after a Twitter video published on Monday showing him in a hotel room next to lines of white powder. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly and the Capitals both released statements Friday saying they accepted Kuznetsov’s explanation for his presence in the video and that the matter was now closed.

In the video, which has since been deleted, Kuznetsov is seen sitting next to a table with two lines of white powder and what appears to be a rolled-up bill of American currency. The video does not show Kuznetsov snorting or otherwise ingesting the white powder.

Kuznetsov released a statement along with the Caps on Friday stating he has never taken illegal drugs, but he did accept responsibility for putting himself in a poor position.

I would like to address the video of me that appeared online on Monday. While I have never taken illegal drugs in my life and career, I would like to publicly apologize to the Capitals, my teammates, our fans and everyone else, for putting myself in a bad situation. This was a hard lesson for me to learn.

Pery Daly, the league conducted a review that included an interview with Kuznetsov.

“Mr. Kuznetsov’s account of the events that transpired aligns with other information we have been able to gather, and we have found no basis to question his representations with respect to what did – and what did not – occur.”

You can see the full statement here:


The Caps also interviewed Kuznetsov and, though the statement expressed disappointment in him, accepted his explanation and apology for the incident.

In addition to doing our own due diligence, we met with Evgeny to discuss the video circulated on social media. While we are disappointed by his presence in the video, we accept his explanation and apology for putting himself in an unfortunate situation. Evgeny has been a terrific player and an active member of our community, and we expect him to learn from this experience and uphold both the standards the organization has for him as well as his own.