First impressions are important. In his short time in Washington so far, forward Nic Dowd likes what he sees. There’s just one problem: The weather.

“Minus the weather it's been great,” Dowd told reporters Tuesday after an informal skate at MedStar Iceplex. “It was incredibly hot and then it rained for about two days. Sunday was OK though, it was nice football weather so that was good.”

Dowd was signed as a free agent by Washington in the offseason and is expected to compete for a spot on the fourth line and the penalty kill. His NHL career to this point has been spent in Los Angeles and Vancouver, so the move to the Washington weather can take some getting used to where it can be boiling, lava-hot one day and switch to arc-level rainfall the next.

We haven’t even reached winter yet and the normal metropolitan-area freak out. You don’t really know Washington until you’ve seen the grocery stores raided of all bread and toilet paper because the forecast calls for an inch of snowfall.

And oh yeah, there’s a hurricane coming, too.

“I’ve never been, even though we’re not necessarily in it, part of the hurricane,” Dowd said.

Hurricane Florence will arrive just in time for the start of training camp to further welcome Dowd to the area.

Despite, the weather, however, Dowd remains excited for his new opportunity and his new home.

“Every time I came on a road trip to Washington, I always tell my family this would be a great place to play and we ended up here so I'm pretty excited."