Nicklas Backstrom shares in Alex Ovechkin's PP goals record


Alex Ovechkin scored power-play goal No. 275 on Friday against the Detroit Red Wings, setting the record for the most power play goals of all time. It took an NHL review to get it as the power-play goal was changed to even strength and then changed back to a power-play goal after the game, but the important thing is that he got it and it is official.

Of those 275 power-play goals, 116 of them came with assists from teammate Nicklas Backstrom, including both the record-tying and record-setting tallies.

"It’s amazing," Backstrom said. "I think it’s great. First of all, no one likes to score goals more than [Ovechkin] so when he does these milestones almost every night now, it's just amazing to be part of a team."

Backstrom has been a witness to numerous milestones for Ovechkin and has helped him achieve many of them with his play-making ability. While it is known that Backstrom prefers the spotlight to focus on his teammates rather than himself, one has to wonder if he ever gets tired of having to constantly talk about Ovechkin's milestones or accomplishments. After all, Backstrom is a great player in his own right.

But Backstrom never tires of it. He recognizes Ovechkin's place in history and appreciates being a part of all of it.

"He’s been giving us so many good memories too, being a part of that," Backstrom said. "So it’s fun."

There is one thing Backstrom would change, however: Not getting a picture with Ovechkin Friday after the game.


When asked if he remembered to get a picture, Backstrom said, "No I didn't, but I regret it this morning."