Were you trying to get free tickets to the Stanley Cup Final Game 5 watch party at Capital One Arena?

Good on you.

According to a release by the Washington Capitals, there were over 70,000 fans that tried to log in to Ticketmaster once the tickets went live at 1:00 p.m. Those 70,000 people were all trying to watch the Capitals clinch their first ever Stanley Cup championship over the Vegas Golden Knights with some of their closest fans.

By the way, Capital One Arena only seats 18,277.

As one can imagine, having 70,000 people logging in to one site all at once can lead to many problems. There were several cases of Ticketmaster crashing, freezing, and having issues across the board.

By 1:05 p.m. those free tickets for Thursday’s night viewing party were all ‘sold.’

Even tickets to the Washington Mystics game just prior, that guaranteed one tickets to the succeeding watch party, all sold out hours later.

For those still looking to make it to out for the festivities, and hopefully celebration, the Capitals recommend that you join the outside watch party on the jumbotron at 8th and G streets. We also have this handy dandy watch party guide for all parties across the DMV.