NHL superstar, Washington Capitals captain and, as of just over a year ago, Stanley Cup Champion Alexander Ovechkin, will have a cereal named after him, as was first reported Monday.

A leaked image of the cereal, named "Ovi O's," surfaced on Facebook on Monday and was almost immediately shared all over Twitter, before the original Facebook post was deleted.

The cereal will appear in Giant Food grocery stores, described as a "sweetened, toasted oat cereal with honey and natural almond flavor," according to the image of the cereal box.

Last summer, after the Capitals' much-awaited Stanley Cup victory, Ovechkin (and the rest of the team) partied hard with good ole' Stanley.

One of the few things Ovechkin didn't do on that multi-day bender--or when he took the Cup back home to Russia--was eat cereal out of it. (Some other champions have, like T.J. Oshie, who had his own cereal "Oshie O's" made back in 2015). 

Giant Food and Monumental Sports & Entertainment have worked together multiple times since the former was named an "exclusive partner" of the teams under the Monumental banner. That includes a canned food drive, plus multiple in-store autograph sessions with Tom Wilson. 


"Ovi O's" will be available in regional Giant grocery stores around the Washington D.C. area on Sept. 17.