Ralph Macchio praises Laviolette, Caps' 'Cobra Kai' tribute


Actor Ralph Macchio is best known for his role as Daniel LaRusso in the hit "Karate Kid" movie series as well as the hit Netflix spin-off "Cobra Kai." When he saw Capitals head coach Peter Laviolette pay tribute to the show with some postgame bandanas to celebrate his players' performances, Macchio was sure to show his support. 

"As a big time Hockey fan this is Awesome! Well done coach," Macchio wrote in his tweet. "Hoping for a successful and entertaining NHL season this year for all! Though my allegiance has not wavered. Let's Go Islanders!" 

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As the teenager who learns to defend himself and become a karate master with the help of his teacher, Mr. Myiagi, LaRusso can also "strike hard and strike fast." That's exactly how Laviolette described Capitals right winger T.J. Oshie, who received the first bandana in Laviolette's postgame talk following his first win behind the Washington bench. Defense is just as important, of course, and Laviolette recognized Brenden Dillon's toughness with a second bandana. 

Prior to Thursday's season-opener, Laviolette last coached Jan. 5, 2020, as head coach for the Nashville Predators, meaning he had time to catch up on the "Cobra Kai" television series. With an opening night win and seemingly a new locker room tradition, Laviolette appears to have put his fandom to good use in coming up with creative ways to recognize good performances from his new team. 


Though Laviolette's inspiration from the show drew Macchio's attention, the new Caps coach still has some work to do to persuade him to switch his support from his Long Island roots.