After 726 NHL games, former Capital Joel Ward retired last week by penning an open letter in the Player's Tribune, effectively titled "726." 

Ward joined NBC Sports Washington's Rob Carlin on the latest episode of The Capitals Talk Podcast Wednesday where he discussed his decision to retire, all of the attention he's gotten and, of course, that infamous Game 7 overtime series-winning goal against Boston in 2012.

“I wasn’t expecting all this attention to be honest with you," Ward said. "I just wanted to share my story and to tell everyone I was done and it turned out to be a lot of love which I was not expecting one bit.”


A goodbye letter couldn't have been more "Wardo."

“It was just me. The way I said it, I kind of secretly came in and went out the same way," Ward said.

Known as a clutch player, Ward's 2012 Game 7 overtime series-winning goal against the Boston Bruins will forever be what he'll be known for in Washington.

“It felt like…you felt like a five-year-old kid, man. What are the chances? The way it unfolded too," Ward said.

Looking back, Ward acknowledges that moment was the biggest of his 726-game career.

“What a feeling. For me, that was the biggest highlight," Ward said.

Ward, who called the game-winner an "out of body experience," thought that 2012 was finally going to be the Caps' year. Although not a part of the 2018 Stanley Cup-winning team, Ward still rooted for his old teammates and friends that he still keeps in touch with to this day.


“Congrats to the Caps, I mean, I’m being selfish, but hey," Ward said.

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