Record heat for Golden Knights-Canadiens tops 2018 Stanley Cup

Golden Knights fans

The Vegas Golden Knights joined the NHL in 2018, becoming just the second desert-based professional hockey team in North America. Playing in one of the driest areas of the continent gave them the potential to set some records for hot temperatures, but the delay forced by the coronavirus pandemic coupled with a brutal heat wave has the NHL in some new territory.

At the time of puck drop for Game 2 of the Golden Knights’ Stanley Cup semifinal series against the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday, the temperature outside was recorded at 115 degrees Fahrenheit to set a new record for the hottest temperature ever for an NHL game.

In 2018, the Capitals endured 99-degree temperatures for their playoff game in Vegas. As hot as that was, it never reached triple digits. The overwhelming heat must have been quite the shock for the Canadiens, who spent the entire regular season in Canada due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

At least in D.C., it reaches 100 degrees a couple times per summer.