Remembering the epic night the champion Nationals visited Capital One Arena


When the Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018, they proved they were not just the champions of the NHL, but of partying as well. One of the best days of that epic summer was when the team visited Nationals Park.

The Nationals were big supporters of the Caps during the Cup run, so the team brought the Stanley Cup with them to a game. Alex Ovechkin threw out the first pitch (actually the first two pitches) and then he and the team proceeded to party through the rest of the game, pausing only for the occasional Cup raise much to the fans' delight.

Naturally, when the Nationals won the World Series in 2019, they decided to return the favor.

On Nov. 3, 2019, the Nationals visited Capital One Arena to celebrate their championship with the Caps. The Caps proceeded to put on a show, particularly Jakub Vrana who scored a three-run mean a hat trick to lead Washington to the 4-2 win over the Calgary Flames.

The Nationals put on quite a show as well.

"They look pretty sober, you know?" Evgeny Kuznetsov said.

Some players did their best T.J. Oshie impression, pulling their jerseys over their heads and drinking through the shirt. Speaking of shirts, they came off frequently during the night, including on a Zamboni when several players were riding during the intermission. Max Scherzer was on the video board and he immediately downed his beer. There was also a playing of "Baby Shark" in the arena.


One of the best moments of the night was seeing Adam Eaton in the Zamboni tunnel after Vrana scored the hat trick, the Commissioner's Trophy in hand, throwing more hats onto the ice while the ice crew was trying to clean them all up.

It is rare for the Caps to be a secondary story in their own game, but it certainly was the case that night. That game was all about celebrating the Nationals. It just so happened that the Caps got the win as well, but it would have been just as fun even if they hadn't.

The Capitals really showed everyone how it's done when it comes to celebrating a championship, but the Nationals gave them a run for their money on that night.