Report: NHL to go ahead with games despite NBA, MLB postponements


Despite postponements across the NBA and MLB on Wednesday, the NHL is reportedly going ahead with its Stanley Cup Playoff games as scheduled. 

According to Sportsnet reporter Chris Johnston, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said he doesn't expect the league to make the first move of a potential boycott but instead put the onus on the players to express themselves if they wished to do so. 

Simalarly, the NBA didn't make the initial decision to postpone games; Milwaukee Bucks players spent hours pregame and thereafter deciding the best course of action. Ultimately, the team ended up deciding not to take the court and has reportedly been on the phone since with efforts of making real change back in the team's home state of Wisconsin.

Since that decision, the NBA postponed all of Wednesday's games and MLB's Milwaukee Brewers also decided to sit out their game on Wednesday.

While the NHL won't be following the lead of its professional sports counterparts, Sportsnet reported the league is planning on holding a moment of silence ahead of both games tonight.