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Sidney Crosby knocks Braden Holtby over, does not get a penalty


Sidney Crosby knocks Braden Holtby over, does not get a penalty

A rivalry always brings out physical play from both teams, but rarely does that include a check to a goalie. It happened on Wednesday as Braden Holtby was knocked to the ice by...wait for it...Sidney Crosby.

You can watch the play in the above video player.

Holtby went behind the net to retrieve the puck and Crosby skated after to challenge. Crosby's shoulder made contact with Holtby's head, sending the goalie to the ice. There was no call on the play.


To add salt to the wound, the play came during a Penguins power play in which Kris Letang would go on to score to give Pittsburgh the 1-0 lead.

If you hail from Pittsburgh, chances are you saw nothing wrong with the hit. If you rock the red you probably disagree. So was it a legal play?

It is a common misconception to believe goalies are "fair game" when they come out of the crease, but goalies are not untouchable either. They essentially become a regular skater, but referees are often a bit more sensitive when it comes to hits on netminders. Obviously, that was not the case here.

With Holtby out of the crease, it is fine for Crosby to challenge him for the puck. The hit also is not late as it comes when Holtby still has the puck. The only issue is that Crosby's shoulder contacts Holtby in the head. Headshots are, of course, illegal, but judging from how Crosby is skating, it looks as if he is square with the boards and then is attempting to turn his body and shoulders. That is when he makes contact with Holtby.

The contact with the head makes it questionable, but it certainly does not appear to be malicious or even intentional.


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Alex Ovechkin and wife Nastya Ovechkina welcome baby boy

NBC Sports Washington/USATSI

Alex Ovechkin and wife Nastya Ovechkina welcome baby boy

After lifting the Stanley Cup just over two months ago, something else very exciting has happened in Alex Ovechkin's life.

Saturday morning, Nastya and Alex Ovechkin welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Sergei, after Ovechkin's late brother. 

Ovi spent this week practicing at the Florida Panthers' facilities with other NHL players living in the surrounding area.

After the Cup's visit to Moscow, Nastya and Alex settled down at their apartment in Miami, staying put and preparing for the birth. 

The couple were married two years ago but didn't hold an official ceremony until July of last year. The celebration was as lavish as you'd expect.

She revealed her pregnancy shortly after the Cup victory, and has kept us up to date on life this summer via Instagram. A few weeks ago, the Ovechkins graced HELLO! Russia magazine, showing off Nastya's baby bump among their glamour shots.

💛 @aleksandrovechkinofficial #hello #hellorussia @hello__ru

A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

Congratulations to Ovi and Nastya, and all our best wishes for health and happiness!


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Capitals draft pick admits he is...a Flyers fan


Capitals draft pick admits he is...a Flyers fan

Say it ain't so.

Mitchell Gibson is the first goalie the Capitals have drafted since Ilya Samsonov in 2015, but they may be thinking twice about their selection after a recent shocking interview.

Gibson spoke with a local Philadelphia CBS station and revealed that both he and his family...are Flyers fans.

Insert dramatic music.

"I think my family will always be Flyers fans in their hearts and I guess I will be a little bit," Gibson admitted, hopefully with guilt in his voice.

Gibson was selected by the Caps in the fourth round of the 2018 draft, but clearly the scouts did not do their homework. It's as if Gibson grew up a hockey fan in a place like Phoenixville, Pa. (about an hour outside of Philadelphia) without anticipating the future that he may one day be drafted by a rival team like Washington.

Shame, shame.

The young netminder tried to make up for his horrifying admission later in the interview.

"The Capitals are definitely treating me well right now so I would like to be their goalie," he said.

A likely story.

Gibson is only 19 and set to begin his first collegiate season at Harvard in 2018 so at least there is still time for Gibson to overcome his shameful past. And hey, it could always be worse. At least he's not a Penguins fan.