Braden Holtby’s stick save against Alex Tuch in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final is one of the most  incredible moments in the history of the Washington Capitals. It preserved a one-goal lead late in the game and led the Caps to their first Final game win. Washington would not lose again in the series. It truly was an unforgettable play.

Or at least it should be. The only problem is that Sportsnet apparently forgot about it already.

Sportsnet released a video on its YouTube channel Tuesday of the most memorable saves from each NHL team and…let’s just say there’s some debate over their entry for the Capitals.

Rather than the obvious choice of “the save,” Sportsnet went with Holtby’s glove save to rob Evander Kane, then with the Buffalo Sabres, from December 2015. A fine save to be sure and it did come late in the third period to maintain the Caps’ 2-0 lead so it was not insignificant.

But when it comes to ranking the most memorable saves, it’s hard to top the save the preserved a one goal lead in a Stanley Cup Final.


Fifty years from now, which save will live on in the team’s history? Chances are it won’t be the one from the regular season. People will be talking about “the save” for a long, long time…except by Sportsnet which apparently forgot about it just three months later.