The 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs have already been the year of the upset. Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Winnipeg and Nashville are all out, plus, oh yeah, the defending Stanley Cup champion Capitals.

And that was just in the first round!

Each of the four division winners are already out and that begs the question, which team is the favorite now?

There’s no question that the loss of so many contenders really seems to make clear the path for some of the few top teams who managed to avoid getting upset. But before you declare any team the favorite, do not forget what the first round showed us. The margin between the top teams and the bottom is razor thin. That will be especially true as the playoffs progress.

Now in the second round, only eight teams remain and a legitimate case can be made for all eight teams advancing. But who now is the team to beat?

With the Caps’ loss, a new Stanley Cup champion will be crowned this year.

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