There is a lot of debate between Washington Capitals fans on who is the Capitan America on the Caps' roster. The running debate is between John Carlson or T.J. Oshie.

Well if you say anybody but Oshie, you’re wrong.

While celebrating at the Capitals championship parade, once again Oshie chugged a Bud Light through his T-shirt.

Oh but this is not the first time. Oh, no.

When the Capitals took over Nationals Park, Oshie got excited and did what any reasonable person would do if they got on the jumbotron.

Pull a shirt over his head and drink a beer through it.

He also went ahead and alluded to some 'back-to-back' championship nonsense.

If overconfidence in sports and chugging beer in odd ways doesn't scream America then take my citizenship away.

T.J. Oshie is an American hero.