Oshie's son shows off budding hockey skills


You’ve seen Sergei Ovechkin on the ice; now get ready for Campbell Oshie, the latest Capitals kid to show off his hockey prowess.

The one-year-old didn’t have to run or skate, scooting around the living room on his hands and knees with a stick while his dad passed him the ball.

TJ Oshie showed off Campbell’s skills in his Instagram stories, complete with enough “hustle” advice to make any coach proud.

Campbell is the third child of Oshie and his wife, Lauren, but their first boy. He was born during the sports hiatus last year due to the pandemic. Their daughters, Lyla and Leni, frequently feature on their Instagram stories as well.

Campbell is also fitting in with another Oshie tradition: great hair. He already has a very impressive mullet.