On Tuesday, Ryan Reaves delivered a hit to Tom Wilson that knocked the Capitals forward from the game. The hockey world has been debating whether or not the hit was clean ever since.

Reaves was ejected from the game, but the NHL did not seek any further supplementary discipline.

There are few players in today’s NHL as polarizing as Wilson and of course, Tuesday’s hit generated plenty of debate over whether it was dirty and whether Reaves deserved a suspension.

There were unfortunately some people who took the stance that Wilson actually got what he deserved by getting injured by the hit and that caused Wilson’s brother, Peter, to jump to his defense on Twitter. "To the ‘cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat’ while you’re listing the things that my brother ‘deserved’ please add winning a Stanley Cup, a multi-year contract and currently being 10th in the NHL in P/GP," he wrote. "Thanks."

The quote Peter references here is from Theodore Roosevelt.

Twitter, as we all know, is often not the place for… educated discussions. Since Wilson is seen as a villain in the eyes of many hockey fans, some have expressed their opinion that Wilson got what he deserved and his injury is karma for all the hits he has delivered in the past.

This is a dumb take. Wishing for a brain injury to anyone is deplorable whether or not you like the player.

Wilson missed Thursday’s game due to what is being called an upper body injury. He is considered to be day-to-day by the team.