On Thursday, New York Jets players swarmed Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson after a game looking for an autographed jersey from the star quarterback. With Jackson in the midst of a breakout season, players see history in the making and are hoping to get a piece of it. The same happens in hockey. Autograph requests are nothing new for an all-time great like Alex Ovechkin, but that doesn’t mean it is not still nerve-wracking to ask, even for his teammates.

Tyler Lewington is currently playing in the AHL, but he has spent much of the 2019-20 season in the NHL with the Capitals. Despite being a teammate of Ovechkin’s, he still feels a bit nervous around the superstar forward, too nervous, in fact, to ask for an autograph.

Lewington was a guest In a recent episode of The Old Barn Hockey Show which focuses on the Hershey Bears. During the show, one of the hosts asked Lewington if he had ever thought about asking Ovechkin for an autograph or a stick and how he would go about that as a teammate.

Lewington responded that he had not yet worked up the courage yet.

“I definitely want to get a stick,” he said. “It’s something I need to ask him one day. Too scared right now to ask him, but I’ll get there.”

Lewington has five career fights at the NHL level, 35 in the AHL, two in the ECHL and 34 in the WHL. He is a man who is not afraid to throw down and have an actual fistfight with other hockey players, but he still feels a bit nervous around the Great 8.


That just shows the level of respect Ovechkin has, not just within the game, not just among the players, but even within his own locker room.