Unhappy Alex Ovechkin snaps stick after 2OT loss to Bruins


As Craig Smith took advantage of a miscommunication by the Capitals to find the back of the net and give the Bruins a double-overtime win over Washington, a wave of anger most likely jolted through anyone who had a rooting interest in the Capitals.

However, no one may have been angrier than Alex Ovechkin.

Shortly after the goal was scored the broadcast panned to Ovi, and his reaction essentially embodied how non-Boston supporters were feeling. 

A slam of his stick followed by some words that probably can't be repeated pretty much sums up how the ending of Game 3 went for the Capitals, who now trail 2-1 in the series.

Though Ovechkin scored a goal earlier in the contest, all that matters in the playoffs is a win. Come Friday he'll hope that the night doesn't end with him slamming his stick -- unless of course, it comes in celebration.