For the first time in franchise history, the Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup champions, and boy are they partying like every day is a championship.

The Capitals now get to spend the Summer of 2018 celebrating with their new trophy wherever they want and (almost) whenever they want.

Want to relive the Capitals wild celebration?

here is the best of the best.

The festivities kicked off with the Caps parading around MGM Resort in Las Vegas, following the Cup-clinching victory in Gam3 5, and reminding those in attendance of Vegas' failed #nocaps Twitter campaign.

The Caps then headed to a nearby nightclub to party with DJ Tiesto, hoisting the cup to the beat of the music.

Of course, what do you do with a giant Cup? Drink out of it!

The Caps returned home to Washington, D.C. Friday where they were greeted by members of the media at Dulles Airport before heading to a private team party at Don Tito in Arlington, Virginia.

Fans quickly realized where the Caps were and made their way to the streets below the Don Tito rooftop, where the Caps took turns hoisting the Cup on the roof.

Ovi was kind enough to give the fans gathered inside Don Tito's second floor a look at the Cup, where cheers of "Ovi, Ovi, Ovi!" rang out.

The next day, the Washington Nationals invited Ovechkin to throw out the ceremonial first pitch and he did not disappoint.

The Caps were only scheduled to stay for the first inning but stayed until the very end because free beer of course.

Ovi enjoyed his time in the spotlight so much, he didn't want to stop hoisting that Cup.

Washington Nationals reporter Dan Kolko headed up to the Caps' suite to get some interviews. They decided to chug beers and sing "We Are the Champions" instead.

More beer chugging. This time T.J. Oshie takes his shirt off and chugs a beer through the shirt over his face.

Once the Nats won and someone told Ovi and the boys it was time to leave, they took the Cup with them to Georgetown Waterfront.

Ovi did a keg stand on the Stanley Cup because why not?

After the keg stand, the boys ran into the fountain, where Ovi, Oshie, and Holtby swam around for a little.


They made some water angels, wrestled and Ovi got a few push-ups in.

And, of course, more beer chugging.

After a 36-hour long bender, the Caps boarded a red taxi with the Cup, to (maybe) get some much-needed sleep.

BUT WAIT. On Andre Burakovsky's Instagram story, he posted a video of him getting a Stanley Cup Champs tattoo! 

Looks like it wasn't just Burakovsky who got tatted up last night... 

The party kept going to St. Yves, a club in downtown Washington

It looked more than *lit*.

The good news is that it looks like Ovi finally got some rest.

Sunday, Ovi had the boys over to grill out at his house, where Orlov broke out his double bottle of red from the Caps' 2015 Winter Classic against the Blackhawks. Guess he was saving it for a special occasion.

Chugging out of the Cup. Singing to a bar full of people. Yep, sounds about right.

Stay tuned for more Caps' Cup celebrations to come!