Carmichael, Illinois State edge Dayton 74-73

Carmichael, Illinois State edge Dayton 74-73

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) Jackie Carmichael scored 25 points and grabbed 12 rebounds as Illinois State held off Dayton 74-73 Wednesday night.

The Redbirds (8-3) led 74-67 with 1:59 to go, but the Flyers scored six straight points, capped by Devin Oliver's layup with 35 seconds left.

After Illinois State's Johnny Hill missed a free throw with 29 seconds remaining, Dayton (8-3) set up for the final shot. Oliver missed a 3-point attempt with 2 seconds left and teammate Khari Price rebounded, but his one-handed push shot would not fall at the buzzer.

Price was in for leading scorer Kevin Dillard, who left the game with 4:19 to go due to back spasms.

Tyler Brown added 16 points and Jon Ekey 13 for the Redbirds, who led by 12 points early, but fell behind by four with 9:56 to go before regaining the advantage.

Dillard and Dyshawn Pierre led Dayton with 14 points apiece.

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Fred Smoot laughs at Asante Samuel's dig at Darrell Green: 'Darrell will always be cornerback royalty'

Fred Smoot laughs at Asante Samuel's dig at Darrell Green: 'Darrell will always be cornerback royalty'

On July 4, former NFL cornerback Asante Samuel got the Twitter-sphere and Redskins nation fired up when he sent out a tweet questioning what was so special about former Washington defensive back Darrell Green, who is a Hall-of-Famer.

Though Tony Dungy and others chimed in to show Samuel what he was missing, the 11-year veteran couldn't quite grasp why his statement was so surprising. Samuel's argument was based on the fact that in a career that spanned two decades, Green "only" had 54 interceptions to show for it.


For former Redskins defensive back Fred Smoot, Samuel's claim that the numbers dictated who Green was as a player is just wrong. Smoot, who played two seasons alongside Green, believes Samuel was a victim of not understanding how football has changed over the years.

In modern times, a pass-heavy league not only makes interceptions more common but makes the stat a way to grade defensive backs. When Green dominated the field, the league didn't play out the same way.

“First of all, Darrell played in a league that ran the ball most of the time," Smoot said on NBC Sports Washington's Redskins Talk and Friends. "Second of all, he took on the number one receiver all the time. They never threw balls his way."


Because the NFL wasn't as pass-heavy back in the 80s and 90s, Green didn't have a wild number of interceptions to show for his success. But, that didn't mean he wasn't making an impact and performing as one of the best at the position. As Smoot explains, Green would excel in numerous categories that sometimes don't show up on paper.

“Darrell did more than just intercept the ball, he shut down one side of the field, actually return a lot of punts, scored a lot on defense. And he tackles well, all-around defensive back," Smoot said. 

Another stellar trait of Green's was his speed. Though there are no official measures of his 40-yard times back when he played, there are reports that it hovered in the 4.1-area, giving him a reputation as one of the fastest players in football. Even at age 50, he casually ran a 4.43. That speed was valuable on the field, as he could stick with any receiver and chase down players from behind.

Smoot saw the speed first-hand, even when Green was getting toward the end of his career at the age of 41. He recalled racing Green during practice, and even though Smoot was nearly 20 years younger, he couldn't keep up.

“I raced that old man and lost to that old man," Smoot said. "Right then I was about to retire from football. I was about to throw my cleats away.”

Green may not have averaged a large interception total, but that stat is only a small part of his NFL career. As Smoot showed, there was so much more brilliance to him as a player. That's why, to Smoot, Green's name always comes up when discussing the best at the position.

“You want to talk about one of the best cornerbacks of all time? That’s how the list starts out. Deon Sanders, Darrell Green, so and so," Smoot said. "Darrell will always be, how should I say, cornerback royalty.”

Green also has a bust in Canton to show for his work.

“I don’t have to say anything about Darrell Green, he’s a Hall-of-Famer for a reason," Smoot said. 


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Former Redskin Fred Smoot explains why he's enamored by 'Red Wolves' as new team name

Former Redskin Fred Smoot explains why he's enamored by 'Red Wolves' as new team name

After facing a tremendous amount of public pressure from major corporate sponsors, all signs point towards the Washington Redskins changing their moniker. NBC Sports Washington and multiple other outlets have reported that the team will likely not play another game with 'Redskins' as its name.

Last Sunday, NBC Sports Washington spoke with former Redskin Fred Smoot about the name controversy, and the cornerback already had one clear favorite for the team's new name: Red Wolves. Over the past few days, Smoot has constantly been campaigning for 'Red Wolves' on social media, and numerous other Redskins fan accounts have joined in on the movement. 

Smoot joined NBC Sports Washington's 'Redskins Talk and Friends' on Thursday, where he explained why he's so enamored about the Red Wolves' name.

"It is an endangered species. It allows us to keep the 'HTTR,'" Smoot said. "It allows us to keep the burgundy and gold. It allows us to have some crazy uniforms. Like I said before, I can see 80,000 people in FedEx Field howling like wolves after Chase Young gets a sack to win a game."


Smoot, who called himself the "representative of the Red Wolves movement," is all in on the name. But, where did the Red Wolves idea originally come from? 

The cornerback explained to the Redskins Talk crew how he came up with the Red Wolves nickname, thanking one of his favorite TV shows for the idea.

"One of my best friends, he's been a die-hard Redskins fan his whole life," Smoot said. "Two nights in a row, we've just gone back and forth about ideas and names. I'm a big Game of Thrones guy. Once we started talking about it, and we brought up the Stark family and the Wolves. I was like, 'There's no Wolves mascot in the NFL.' I think the Wolves would be good. Then, I was like, how about if the Wolves be red, we be the Red Wolves."

Besides the Red Wolves, three other potential names have become popular on social media: the Warriors, Redtails and Redhawks. The Redtails has specifically gained a lot of support, due to the meaning behind it. The term was coined during World War II to describe Tuskegee Airmen, who were the first African American pilots to fly in a combat squadron during the war.

While Smoot does "love the history" behind Redtails, he questions whether he would like it as the team's new name.

"There's nothing intimidating about it. It doesn't scare you in any kind of way," Smoot said. "I love the history of it. But I had to ask myself, 'Would I want to be a Redtail?'"

This offseason, the Redskins have already undergone plenty of turnover. Longtime team president Bruce Allen is gone, while well-respected head coach Ron Rivera is in. The team drafted Young, one of the best draft prospects in recent memory, this past April. The team is transitioning into a new era, and now, a new name could come with it.

With Red Wolves, Smoot thinks the possibilities of building up the brand in this new era of Washington football are endless. 


"Think about all the nicknames we could spur from the Red Wolves," Smoot said. "Think about how many Game of Thrones theme things could be going on. We could name the new stadium Winterfield. We could do so much with the Red Wolves."

Whether you like the idea or not, 'Washington Red Wolves' has a nice ring to it. And, as Smoot has said multiple times over the past few days, it gives the fans something to get excited about.

"Wolves, they run in packs," Smoot said. "If you get in the stadium and you got that many people howling, the field might start vibrating."

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