Celebrities and athletes reveal their 2022 March Madness brackets


It’s time to redirect your home office to face the television, cancel all plans that don’t have to do with NCAA basketball and begin following your 2022 bracket champions. It’s March Madness season. 

Hone in on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to collect all the information you can before we enter the official tournament. That is, if you want bragging rights this year.

Every year we observe the brackets created by celebrities, athletes, and stars who are fans of the game. Let’s see what is cooking in the realm of 2022 brackets:

Some celebrity predictions: 

Barack Obama

Barack Obama
Obama's March Madness bracket.

Champion: Gonzaga (men’s) – South Carolina (women’s)

Final Four: Gonzaga, Kentucky, Arizona, Kansas (men’s) – South Carolina, Baylor, UConn, Stanford (women’s)

Former President of the United States Barack Obama always showcases his predictions for the NCAA March Madness tournaments. This time around he predicts Gonzaga winning its first-ever title for the men’s and South Carolina taking it for the women’s.


Glen Powell

Glen Powell's March Madness bracket.
Glen Powell

Champion: Texas (men’s)

Final Four: Gonzaga, Texas, Tennessee, Kansas (men’s)

“Top Gun: Maverick” actor Glen Powell has his hometown Texas Longhorns in his Final Four next to Tennessee, Gonzaga and Kansas. He has the Longhorns taking the title against Tennessee 72-65.

Jay Ellis

Jay Ellis' bracket.
Jay Ellis

Champion: Kentucky (men’s)

Final Four: Gonzaga, Villanova, Kansas, Kentucky

Powell’s co-star in “Top Gun: Maverick” has also laid out some predictions for the men’s championship title. Actor Jay Ellis believes Kentucky will clinch the win among his Final Four, which consists of Villanova, Gonzaga and Kansas.

Candace Parker

Champion: South Carolina (women’s)


Final Four: South Carolina, Baylor, Texas, Kentucky

Chicago Sky forward Candace Parker also always participates in March Madness predictions. The WNBA star has South Carolina, Baylor, Texas and Kentucky in her women’s Final Four, with South Carolina taking the title.

Tyasha Harris

Champion: South Carolina (women’s)

Final Four: South Carolina, Baylor, Stanford, North Carolina State

Another WNBA legend decided to enter into the mix. Dallas Wings guard Tyasha Harris believes that her alma mater, South Carolina, will take the title in the women’s championship. 

Nate Robinson

Champion: Arizona (men’s)

Final Four: Michigan State, Virginia Tech, Arizona, Kansas

Former Knicks guard Nate Robinson predicts Arizona will take the title, while MSU, Virginia Tech, Arizona and Kansas make up his Final Four.

Rex Chapman

Rex Chapman's bracket.
Rex Chapman

Champion: Arizona (men’s)

Final Four: Gonzaga, Kentucky, Arizona, Auburn

Former NBA guard and current social media influencer Rex Chapman has slated his alma mater, Kentucky, to make it to the Final Four, but he does not have the Wildcats taking home the title. Instead, Chapman predicts Arizona will reign supreme in the men’s tournament. 

Penn Holderness

Penn Holderness' bracket.
Penn Holderness

Champion: Gonzaga (men’s)

Final Four: Gonzaga, Kentucky, Arizona, Auburn

Actor and Youtuber Penn Holderness, who also happened to win the 2022 Amazing Race with his wife Kim, predicts the Zags will take the title in this year’s NCAA men’s championship, alongside Kentucky, Arizona and Auburn, who make up his Final Four.


Jimmy Fallon

Champion: Gonzaga (men’s) – Stanford (women’s)

Final Four: Gonzaga, Purdue, Tennessee, Kansas – South Carolina, Gonzaga, Stanford, North Carolina State (women’s)

"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon always participates in the camaraderie of March Madness. This year his predictions lean toward Gonzaga clinching the men’s title and Stanford clinching the women’s.

Octavia Spencer

Champion: Auburn (men’s)

Octavia Spencer announced on Twitter that her faith is in Auburn. The Academy Award-winning actress graduated as a Tiger in 1994.

Some insiders’ perspectives: 

Pat Forde, Sports Illustrated

Champion: Gonzaga


Final Four: Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas, Purdue

Kevin Sweeney, Sports Illustrated

Champion: Gonzaga

Final Four: Gonzaga, Arizona, Iowa, Kentucky

Jeremy Woo,  Sports Illustrated

Champion: Texas Tech, Arizona, Auburn, Baylor

Final Four: Arizona

Jason Jordan, Sports Illustrated

Champion: Gonzaga, UCLA, Tennessee, Auburn

Final Four: Gonzaga

Now it’s time for the games to begin and these brackets to come into play.