Celebrities Invade the Olympics

Celebrities Invade the Olympics

London 2012 is officially underway, but the athletes aren't the only ones catching our eye. Check out which celebs have been spotted at Olympic events.

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MLB touts total testing in response to teams cancelling workouts

MLB touts total testing in response to teams cancelling workouts

Major League Baseball responded Monday afternoon to multiple team workout cancellations, earlier in the day, including one by the Nationals, by touting how much coronavirus testing has been done and vowing to fix the delays from the weekend.

The league said more than 95 percent of the tests taken at the intake screening have been “conducted, analyzed and shared” with all 30 clubs. Those individuals have moved on to the every-other-day testing mandated in the March 26 agreement between the players’ association in the league.

However, that intake testing happened last week and began on Wednesday. It is Monday. They are behind.

The league went on to point at the holiday weekend as a reason for test result delays from Friday and earlier.

“Our plan required extensive delivery and shipping services, including proactive special accommodations to account for the holiday weekend,” said the league in a statement. “The vast majority of those deliveries occurred without incident and allowed the protocols to function as planned. Unfortunately, several situations included unforeseen delays.  We have addressed the delays caused by the holiday weekend and do not expect a recurrence. We commend the affected Clubs that responded properly by cancelling workouts.

“We appreciate the great cooperation from the players as well as the hard work of the Clubs and many internal and external staff members under these challenging circumstances. The process has not been without some unforeseen difficulties, which are being addressed with the service providers that are essential to the execution of the protocols. It is important to be mindful that nearly all of the individuals have been tested as planned. The health and safety of our players and employees will remain our highest priorities.”


The Nationals and Houston Astros cancelled their Monday workouts because they did not have test results 72 hours later, though the league assured that they would be returned in 24-48 hours. The Anaheim Angels moved their workout to the afternoon. Most teams operated on their usual schedule.

The league provided further information about total testing, but did not provide any results of the tests. They have not provided results since the first dispatch Friday, which showed a 1.2 percent initial positivity rate.

From the league:

MLB collected 3,740 Intake Screening samples during the seven-day period between June 27th and July 3rd, representing all 30 Clubs.  As of the end of Sunday, July 5th, the Utah laboratory had reported results for 98% (3,654/3,740) of these samples.  The majority of these samples were reported the day after the sample collections occurred.
86 results of these samples (2%) remained pending as of this morning.  We anticipate that the lab will report the remainder of these pending results this afternoon.

Pursuant to the Operations Manual, MLB and the MLBPA shifted from intake testing to regular asymptomatic monitoring as of July 3rd, and will now be on an every-other-day testing schedule for all players and Tier 1 staff until the end of the 2020 World Series.  Due to the holiday weekend, the Joint Committee advised CDT to test all Clubs one time between July 3rd and July 5th, and to begin the every-other-day schedule on July 6th.
The Utah laboratory is conducting a level of analysis and turnaround time that is unprecedented in COVID testing, including providing an extra layer of confirmation for all positive test results to rule out false-positive concerns.  The laboratory is operating on a seven-day-a-week schedule from July 5th through the end of the World Series.

Transparency and trust will continue to be keys to the chances of the 2020 MLB season as much as contact tracing and mitigation. The league already being in a public tussle with teams about testing is yet another early challenge for pulling off a 60-game season.

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D.C. Congresswoman will propose bill for RFK Stadium site as soon as Redskins change name

D.C. Congresswoman will propose bill for RFK Stadium site as soon as Redskins change name

D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is prepared to bring a bill to Congress to buy the federal land that houses RFK Stadium in an effort to get a new facility built for the Washington football team. 

As soon as the Redskins change their name. 

"I certainly will. This is unused land. Unused Federal land. And the District can’t afford, because we have a height limit, to have any land go that goes unused. I couldn’t get this bill through even when Republicans controlled the House," Norton said Monday. "So I now believe I can get it through only after the name is changed for the good of the District of Columbia."


Speaking exclusively with the Redskins Talk Podcast, Norton explained that a new stadium on the RFK site will make a tremendous economic impact for both the citizens of D.C. and for Redskins owner Dan Snyder.  

"Everybody wants to come to the nation’s capital. Events benefit tremendously by coming to the nation’s capital," the congresswoman said. "But you’ve got to have a place to hold those events. There was only one place to hold those events. And [not having] that place has - for no good reason - cost all those involved, including the District of Columbia, but above all Dan Snyder, a boatload, indeed a fortune, in revenue.”

The Redskins haven't played in D.C. since the late 1990s and, coincidental or not, the team has experienced barely any postseason success in that same time period. Norton might not be the biggest football fan, but she knows what's good for Washington football fans. 

"The time has come, it’s way overdue."


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