Russell Wilson says 'Seattle’s the place I’m at right now'

Russell Wilson vs. Washington

Commanders fans, cover your ears.

As Washington's quest to find a franchise quarterback this offseason continues, landing Seahawks star Russell Wilson in a potential trade is arguably the best possible solution. Yet, even as rumors continue to swirl around the 33-year-old's future in Seattle, Wilson himself went on the record to say he wants to remain in the Pacific Northwest.

"Seattle's the place I’m at right now and I love it. It’s great," Wilson said Tuesday on The TODAY Show.

Wilson -- who guested on the show alongside his wife, pop star Ciara -- was directly asked by host Craig Melvin about coming to Washington. The quarterback is from Richmond, Va., so part of the Commanders' hypothetical pitch to Wilson would be the chance to play close to home.

The quarterback admitted that he has people from his hometown "hitting him up" about returning to the area, but says he'd prefer to remain out west ... for now.

“I love the East Coast but I think the West Coast is better for me right now," Wilson said. "I got my whole family over here. I’m from Richmond, I know what you mean, I got people hitting me up every day, all my friends and all that from the East Coast."

To fully dissect Wilson's statement, it's worth pointing out that the QB said "right now" when referring to wanting to stay in Seattle. Things change in every aspect of life, but especially in the NFL. Who knows how much longer Wilson will want to stay in Seattle, especially considering the roster questions the Seahawks have.


It's also worth pointing out that just one year ago, Wilson didn't request a trade but did give Seattle a list of four teams he would welcome a deal to, should the franchise move in that direction. Washington didn't make the list in 2021. But one year later, Washington presents a solid landing spot for the nine-time Pro Bowler.

As good of a player as Wilson is, Washington doesn't have time to wait. If Wilson is truly committed to staying in Seattle, the Commanders must look at other options at the position, whether that's in free agency, via trade, or in the draft.

Finding a franchise quarterback this offseason is imperative for the organization. Washington can't bypass all other options at the position over the next few months, just to hold out hope the Commanders might have a chance to trade for Wilson later on.