Chase Young loves new Washington Commanders jerseys


When Chase Young first heard the name Commanders, he admittedly wasn't a fan. In fact, the 22-year-old graded the name an 'F' when asked about it a few months ago.

But in the months since, Washington's new moniker has grown on the star pass rusher. Seeing the new jerseys that go with it is one of the main reasons why.

"It grew on me just seeing the jerseys and everything that we are going to stand for with the name, knowing we're from D.C.," Young told CBS Sports' Jordan Dajani. "It definitely grew on me."

Young, along with fellow defensive lineman Jonathan Allen and wide receiver Terry McLaurin, was part of Washington's official video revealing the team's new name and uniforms on Wednesday. Young sported the team's white road uniform, one he called "crisp."

"I always liked our jerseys, always loved our colors even since I was a young kid," Young said. "But the alternate black jerseys, that's probably my favorite. I loved the white jersey I had on and that Burgundy jersey I love. On the regular away game, that white jersey is nice, it's crisp, man."

Ironically, Washington's white uniform -- the one Young sported during the reveal -- is the jersey that's drawn the most backlash from fans.

Here's a look at both uniforms side by side. The burgundy on the road uniforms appears to be lighter, almost similar to the base color of the Arizona Cardinals.


However, Washington team president Jason Wright said the burgundy is the same shade on all the uniforms, as the NFL's rules are strict in that sense. Those present at the reveal said the burgundy on the white uniforms looks darker in-person than it does in pictures. Wright also said that Wednesday's unveiling was "just the launch," and that changes could come down the line as well. Plus, another uniform design could be coming in 2024.

It's also worth noting that Washington's two other jerseys, the home burgundy and black alternate, both drew mainly positive reviews from fans.

Young, who's currently rehabbing from a torn ACL in Colorado, told CBS his rehab process is "going great" and that he's already squatted 225 pounds. The pass rusher said he's never had an injury of this magnitude before but is looking forward to getting back on the field and representing the franchise under its new name.

"I'm ready to go out there and be a Commander," Young said. "We're going to be commanding -- know that!"