A closer look at the Commanders' new logos and uniforms


Commanders is the new name for Washington D.C's pro football team and along with that reveal came three new uniforms and logo iterations fans will see on the field next season. 

The Commanders will have a burgundy and gold option for home games, a white jersey with red lettering and a black uniform with gold lettering. Here's a closer look at each.

There will also be two helmet types for Washington after the NFL approved the use of alternate helmets for the 2022 season. The primary helmet has a matte, burgundy finish with a gold "W" featured prominently, while the black helmet has a smaller "W" on the front with the players' numbers on the side. The Washington Football Team helmets also featured player numbers on the side. 

Along with the new uniforms, there are three new logos for the franchise. The gold "W" that's featured on the burgundy helmets, a Commanders path that appears to celebrate the team's history and a gold "Washington Commanders" banner logo that shows up on the front of the burgundy jerseys. 

Don't forget about the merchandise. Shortly after the name reveal, the team opened its team store for fans to purchase the first wave of Commanders gear.