Commanders announce revamped fight song will debut Aug. 13

Commanders crest

The Commanders' revamped fight song will make its debut on August 13 during Washington's first preseason game against the Carolina Panthers, the team announced on Monday.

The Commanders have hinted that the new fight song will be a rendering of 'Hail to the Redskins,' which the singing of was one of the most popular traditions under the franchise's old moniker.

During the Commanders' official rebrand on Feb. 2, team president Jason Wright, unprompted, brought up the fact that the franchise's new name fits well with the old fight song.

"I think Commanders fits well with the old fight song. There's stuff there that really connects well," Wright said. "That's one of the reasons we really gravitated towards it."

The debut of Washington's new fight song is part of a season-long initiative from the Commanders to incorporate game-by-game themes for each individual matchup.

Other game themes that particularly stand out include the team's 90th-anniversary celebration and homecoming weekend (Week 7 vs. Packers), a black-out game (Week 9 vs. Vikings), and a white-out game (Week 18 vs. Cowboys).

Additionally, the team plans to recognize "The Hogs" offensive line in Week 17 vs. Cleveland, a tribute to the dominant front during Washington's Super Bowl years. During that game, the Commanders will unveil their new mascot. The team has announced more details will be announced later this summer regarding a season-long fan engagement program to help select that mascot.

Here are the full game theme plans for the Commanders' 2022 season: