Commanders rookies got 'googly-eyed' over team's new helmets

Commanders helmet

Last Friday's minicamp practice offered reporters a first look at Washington's next collection of rookies. For those rookies, meanwhile, the session provided them with their first chance to wear the Commanders' new helmets.

The rising pros appreciated that piece of gear more than Jay Gruden appreciated calling fades at the goal line.

"Not to be googly-eyed to it, but it's hard," seventh-round cornerback Christian Holmes told NBC Sports Washington's Mitch Tischler. "The helmet is pretty nice. It's the dopest thing."

"I think it's sweet," fifth-round Cole Turner said following the workout. "I think it all looks great."

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While the young players donned standard practice jerseys and team-issued shorts, they were able to take the field in the franchise's fresh helmets, marking the first time that part of the ensemble was used in live action.

Fourth-round safety Percy Butler, like Holmes and Turner, gave a glowing review of them.

"I love the helmets," Butler said. "These things are elite, for sure. The color, you don't see this a lot. And to come from [a] Group of 5 [college] to here and to see stuff like this, it feels amazing."

Turner even had the wherewithal to ensure he described the helmets properly in a move that the organization's particular fan base should appreciate.


"I think the matte red is solid," he said, before quickly correcting himself. "The matte burgundy looks awesome."

That's some impressive balance for a 6-foot-5 tight end, no?