'Trendsetter': Dyami Brown on why he's wearing two mouthpieces


Those at the forefront of fashion often have to be brave, as their choices might not be understood by everyone at the moment — and may even be mocked by some.

For Dyami Brown, his time to be courageous came this past Sunday in the Commanders' win over the Falcons. While competing at FedEx Field against Atlanta, the wideout wore not one but two mouthpieces.

Yes, simultaneously. 

When approached by NBC Sports Washington on Wednesday to explain that decision, Brown was more than happy to discuss it, even if a selection of his teammates apparently weren't too kind with their reviews of his move.

"Changing up the drip a little bit," Brown said while hanging out at his locker. "Trying to be a trendsetter. Usually I just have one, I have it hangin', so I said, 'Man, let me put two on there, see what it looks like with two.' 

"A few people asked me why I had two," he continued. "I guess they didn't like it. Hey, it worked out for me."

FOX cameras captured Brown — and, more importantly, his facemask, which was adorned with both a highlighter yellow and a light blue mouthpiece — following his clutch third-down grab in the first quarter of Week 12. According to him, he ideally would've gone with a black and yellow combo to complement his squad's alternate uniform, but he unfortunately misplaced his black option.

So, the ex-Tar Heel was forced to entrust a "next 'piece up" mentality and roll with a replacement that featured his alma mater's famous Carolina blue. 


Sadly, that wasn't the only time adversity struck Brown and his style over the weekend. At some point during the meeting with the Falcons, the 23-year-old suddenly lost 50% of his "drip."

Talk about a depth chart getting decimated by attrition out of nowhere. 

"One of them actually came off during the game," Brown said. "I was tight, I was mad about that one."

For the upcoming matchup with the Giants — which intersects with the league's "My Cause, My Cleats" campaign where players are able to don shoes related to efforts that they feel deserve more attention — Brown intends to concurrently rock pink and green mouthpieces. They will pair nicely with the custom footwear he'll be wearing to promote The Elephant in the Room, Inc., a charity organization founded to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health. 

This summer at training camp, Brown was among the Commanders quoted in a story about guys who attach mouthpieces to their helmets but don't actually, you know, put them in their mouths

"It's a little swag thing," he said in August.

Well, that little swag thing has now doubled. Brown's self-confidence, meanwhile, has grown even more than that.

"You saw the picture? It was fire."