Eagles could far outbid Commanders for a QB — if they so choose


There's always a bigger fish, as the saying goes, and that proverb could possibly be applied to the Commanders' upcoming hunt for a quarterback on the trade market.

While those who follow the franchise spend so much time — maybe too much? There's probably a clinician or two out there who'd agree — conjuring up trade offers that Washington ought to present for, say, a star veteran like Russell Wilson, it's just as necessary to consider what other organizations possess in terms of assets. 

And it just so happens that one of the Commanders' NFC East rivals could be that bigger fish — should they so choose.

In addition to Ron Rivera's club, squads like the Broncos, Steelers, Saints, Buccaneers and Panthers are mentioned as ones who'd be interested in deals for Wilson, Jimmy Garoppolo and other veterans, even far-fetched passers like Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson or Kyler Murray.

If the Eagles want to get involved, however, they'd be a supremely formidable bidder and, at the least, definitely have the pieces to make any Washington proposal irrelevant. 

With the draft about two months away, Philadelphia currently owns the 15th, 16th and 19th overall draft picks in the first round. A combination of those 2022 first-rounders would form a strong foundation in any trade package, and if the Eagles are starved enough, they could part with all three selections. 

In what'll absolutely be the most insightful and jarring thing you'll read today, that trio of picks is far more appealing than the Commanders' lone first-round choice, which is sitting at No. 11. 


Though Philadelphia general manager Howie Roseman and head coach Nick Sirianni both backed current starter Jalen Hurts in post-season remarks, Hurts' 2021 stats were rather pedestrian and he in no way performed in a manner that suggests he's irreplaceable.

The Eagles made the playoffs, yes, but they — like most NFL outfits — would benefit from an upgrade at quarterback, as beat reporter Jimmy Kempski laid out on Monday in a story about exploring a swap specifically for Wilson.

Hurts himself is another part of the equation that would make Philly more enticing than Washington (and other competitors) to negotiate with. He's only 23 and could be sent to Seattle, Houston, etc. to give those teams a young, competent and still-growing QB to replace the cornerstone they'd be shipping to the Eagles. 

As plucky and entertaining as Taylor Heinicke is, he's not on Hurts' level in that regard.

At this point, the Eagles are, at most, lurking in the background when it comes to trading for a reputable signal caller. The three first-rounders they're holding would certainly be useful in further building the roster around Hurts and they aren't nearly as desperate as Washington, Denver, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Tampa and Carolina.

That's why the bigger fish can be intimidating, though: It sometimes reveals itself only when it really has to.

The Commanders can do their best to produce an alluring bid for a desirable quarterback, but if the Eagles show up then Washington will quickly be forgotten.