Dotson takes Rivera’s advice and attends his graduation


Graduating from a college or university is a significant accomplishment for any young adult that they wouldn’t want to miss for anything.

However, when that someone is Washington Commanders first-round draft pick Jahan Dotson, who was supposed to be at rookie minicamp this weekend and beginning his career in the NFL, his initial plan was to skip commencement at Penn State. 

But when Commanders’ head coach Ron Rivera got wind of Dotson’s plan to put the team over a personal achievement in his life, he wasn’t having any of that. Instead, Rivera urged the former Penn State wide receiver to attend his graduation and skip the last day of minicamp for rookies. 

“I was actually ready to skip the graduation and be out here at practice, but [Rivera] said that’s like a once-in-a-million type of thing. He was all for me going, so I honestly hadn’t even thought about skipping practice until he kind of brought that up,” Dotson said

The Penn State football Twitter account uploaded a picture of Dotson in his cap and gown, celebrating a personal accomplishment as the Commanders’ first-round pick stated that not many had reached that milestone in graduating from a university. 

“Can’t even explain how blessed I am. Constantly thanking the man above,” Dotson tweeted


Now that Dotson has college life behind him and a degree, the 22-year-old hopes to have a stellar rookie season for the Commanders.