Dotson will wear No. 1 for Commanders and put thought into choice


Jahan Dotson came across as very self-assured in his debut in-person press conference with the Washington media on Friday, but there was one point where the first-round pick stumbled a bit.

After covering far more vital topics such as how he feels having officially accomplished his dream of becoming a pro football player and what's keyed his development into such a sure-handed pass catcher, Dotson was asked what number he'll be wearing with his new club. Before responding, he checked with a team public relations official.

"I don't know if I'm supposed to announce that yet," Dotson asked before receiving a nod of approval. "I can announce it?"

"I'll be wearing No. 1," he then revealed.

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Dotson, who emerged as one of the best offensive threats in the history of Penn State with a 5 emblazoned on the front and back of his uniform, is dropping down by four in the NFL.

In doing so, he's smartly dodging a potential conflict with punter Tress Way while simultaneously changing to one of the most appealing numbers an athlete can don.

The rookie put a decent amount of thought into the decision, too.


"That was something I had to go over last night," he explained to reporters on Friday. "I felt like No. 1 was kind of the perfect thing. I'm the first Commanders pick ever. One of my best friends, greatest mentors, is [current Bronco and ex-Nittany Lion] KJ Hamler. He wears No. 1. So it's pretty cool."

While Dotson will undeniably pop in the single digit, the news wasn't necessarily welcomed by all.

"Was looking forward to seeing what he was gonna offer up," Way told NBC Sports Washington. The Pro Bowler added that, if Dotson approached him about a swap, he would've put out a poll and let fans vote on the matter.

Fortunately, Dotson had his eyes set on a fresh start with the Commanders. Next up: justifying the choice, both the one the franchise made in the draft and the one he's making with his jersey.