Hurts provides more sack opportunities than Goff, Jon Allen says


Washington is set for their toughest test of the 2022 campaign thus far when they host the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3. If you’re looking for a name on the Eagles’ roster that immediately places them in the conversation to take hold of the NFC East, look no further than quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Commanders’ defensive tackle Jonathan Allen overlapped with Hurts at Alabama during the 2016 season, when the duo stood out on either side of the football as pro-caliber prospects.

Coming off a tough-to-stomach loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 2—in which Lions’ QB Jared Goff threw for 256 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions—Allen took note of Hurts’ talent, but also had an interesting take on the opportunities Hurts presents to defenses, unlike Goff.

“People always make the comparison about a running quarterback or a dual-threat quarterback as opposed to more of an in-pocket quarterback, but I look at it the opposite [way],” Allen said on the Sports Junkies on Tuesday morning. “Jalen Hurts is gonna give us more opportunities to get him down because Jared Goff gets the ball out really fast.”

Allen’s take on the two signal-callers comes less than 24 hours after Hurts torched the Minnesota Vikings for 390 total yards of offense and three touchdowns, two of which he rushed for. Granted, both Goff and Hurts have been sacked four times this season, but Hurts’ ability to evade pass rushers has set him apart as one of the NFL’s premier dual-threat QBs.


“Sometimes, getting the ball out so fast, it doesn’t even matter if he has an offensive line, you’re not gonna get there,” Allen continued about Goff. “As opposed to Jalen Hurts, who will stand in the pocket longer, giving you more opportunities to get to him. Every quarterback’s different as far as getting down. Obviously, we know what kind of player Jalen is and I’m looking forward to it.”

Philadelphia boasts one of the best offenses in the NFC. Along with Hurts, their receiving core of A.J. Brown, Davonta Smith and Quez Watkins could give Washington fits on Sunday. However, Allen remains confident in the Commanders’ ability to bounce back from the Detroit loss. He also isn’t too concerned with how tough it might be to bring Hurts down if he does get to him.

During the Eagles’ 24-7 triumph over the Vikings on Monday Night Football, the broadcast cut to a few clips of Hurts squatting around 600 pounds during his college days. Pretty intimidating, right? Not to Allen.

“For an interior defensive tackle, I’m not worried about how much a quarterback is squatting,” Allen said with a laugh. “I mean, at the end of the day, 290 [pounds] to what is Jalen Hurts, 220? I mean, physics wins at the end of the day.”