This JD McKissic move at Commanders OTAs might trip you up, too


During NFL free agency, JD McKissic faked out the Bills by signing back with Washington after initially agreeing to a contract with Buffalo. That juke has nothing on the one McKissic displayed on Wednesday, though.

At the Commanders' second on-field OTAs practice of the offseason, a screen pass was called for the valuable backfield threat. Typically, a dumpoff in the spring isn't the sort of thing that produces a must-see moment.

Unfortunately for James Smith-Williams, this particular pass did.

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After ably snagging Carson Wentz's throw with only his left hand, McKissic turned his back on Smith-Williams and feigned like he was about to turn upfield using his right shoulder to lead the way.

However, that was all just a setup, as McKissic then immediately darted back out to the left, leaving Smith-Williams alone with some air, some grass and some time to reflect on what just happened:

A "refreshed" Curtis Samuel was the primary attraction on offense at Tuesday's media-attended practice when it came to previously-injured players making their return to the field, but McKissic was participating, too. Remember, he got hurt in Week 12 in 2021 and missed the club's final five contests.


The underrated running back has developed into one of the sport's most trustworthy receivers at the position, so the fact that he's feeling healthy enough to suit up — and create a highlight like that move on Wednesday — is quite significant for the Commanders.

Luckily, that sequence didn't result in any significant damage to Smith-Williams' knees, ankles or any other body part. Someone ought to slap an NSFW label on that clip as soon as possible.