Bowser says D.C. can't match VA's funding for Commanders stadium

FedEx Field

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has made it clear multiple times her desire for the city's NFL franchise to build its new stadium in the District.

However, in an exclusive interview with Bloomberg, Bowser admitted that D.C. won't be able to match the billion-dollar proposal the state of Virginia has offered to help the Commanders pay for a new stadium.

“At some point, I’m going to move on from it,” Bowser told Bloomberg News.

In mid-February, Virginia's Republican-controlled House of Delegates passed a bill to create a "football stadium authority." Under this bill, the state would oversee the funding for the stadium and the retail/entertainment complex built surrounding the stadium. It's worth noting that the Democrat-controlled Senate would have to pass the bill as well.

The Senate has also come up with a similar bill with a few differences. In order for either bill to be put into law, the other chamber must approve it. After that, the Virginia General Assembly would run a conference committee to iron out the final details of the bill. Once that occurs, it would head to Gov. Glenn Youngkin for approval.

Virginia's bid would offer the Commanders $1 billion and a percentage of sales tax revenue in order to move to the state. On Feb. 25, WUSA9 reported the Commanders have identified three sites in Virginia for potential new stadium locations. The closest one is nearly 30 miles from D.C. 


For Mayor Bowser, the city of Washington offers something that Virginia can't: a prime location. The Mayor believes that should be a major selling point to the Commanders when considering the location of their new stadium.

“Do you really want it to be in Loudoun?” Bowser said. “Not really. You want it to be on the axis of the Capitol of the United States.” 

If Washington were to build its new stadium in D.C., the Commanders would likely have to fund the project themselves, similarly to how D.C. United did for Audi Field. Washington's current lease at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. expires in 2027.