Here are the NFL teams with the most, fewest 2022 draft picks


The National Football League is about to get an influx of young talent.

A total of 262 prospects will be selected in the 2022 NFL Draft at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Those 262 selections will be spread out over seven rounds and three days, beginning with the first round on April 28.

All 32 NFL teams will be making picks in Sin City, but some will be busier than others during the event.

While the numbers are almost certain to change during the draft as trades are made, here’s a look at the teams slated to make the most and fewest picks this year entering the first round on Thursday night.

Which team has the most picks in the 2022 NFL Draft?

The team at the top of the draft and a team near the bottom of the first round are tied for the most picks this year, as the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs each have a league-high 12 selections.

In addition to holding the No. 1 overall pick, Jacksonville has three other selections in the top 70. Six of the Jags’ 12 picks are slated to come over the final two rounds.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs will make back-to-back picks in Round 1 at Nos. 29 and 30 after acquiring the San Francisco 49ers’ first-rounder in the Tyreek Hill trade with the Miami Dolphins. Kansas City, which also picked up Miami’s second-rounder in the trade, has two selections in each of the first four rounds and then four picks in Round 7.


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Behind the Jags and Chiefs are the Green Bay Packers with the third-most picks at 11. Like Kansas City, Green Bay has two first-round picks after gaining an extra one in the Davante Adams-Raiders trade. The Packers have another two picks in Round 2 as well.

The Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Los Angeles Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles are the only other teams with pick totals in the double digits, each with 10. The Texans have two selections in the top 15 and five in the top 80. The Eagles own two picks in the top 20 and five total in the first three rounds. Baltimore has four top-100 selections followed by another four picks in the fourth round. And like Jacksonville, six of the Chargers' picks are in Rounds 6 and 7.

Here’s a full look at the teams with at least eight draft picks this year:

T-1. Jacksonville Jaguars: 12

T-1. Kansas City Chiefs: 12

3. Green Bay Packers: 11

T-4. Houston Texans: 10

T-4. Baltimore Ravens: 10

T-4. Los Angeles Chargers: 10

T-4. Philadelphia Eagles: 10

T-8. Atlanta Falcons: 9

T-8. Dallas Cowboys: 9

T-8. Denver Broncos: 9

T-8. New England Patriots: 9

T-8. New York Giants: 9

T-8. New York Jets: 9

T-8. San Francisco 49ers: 9

T-15. Detroit Lions: 8

T-15. Arizona Cardinals: 8

T–15. Buffalo Bills: 8

T-15. Cincinnati Bengals: 8

T-15. Los Angeles Rams: 8

T-15. Minnesota Vikings: 8

T-15. Seattle Seahawks: 8

Which team has the fewest picks in the 2022 NFL Draft?

The Dolphins own the fewest picks in this year’s draft with just four. And they’re going to have to wait a while before they’re on the clock, as their first pick isn’t until Round 3 at No. 102 overall. The Dolphins also hold one pick in the fourth and two in the seventh.

All four of Miami’s selections are ones they acquired from other teams, meaning they dealt all of their own picks. The Dolphins traded their own 2022 first- and third-rounders in separate deals to move up in each of the first two rounds of last year’s draft, and they gave up their own second- and fourth-rounders in the Tyreek Hill trade.

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The Las Vegas Raiders have the second-fewest draft selections with five, and their first pick also isn’t until the third round at No. 86 overall. Las Vegas sent its first- and second-round picks to Green Bay for Davante Adams. The rest of the Raiders’ selections are made up of one fourth-rounder, two fifth-rounders and one seventh-rounder.

The Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Commanders are all tied for the third-fewest picks with six apiece. The Bears are the only team of the four that doesn’t own a first-round pick, though they do have two second-rounders. The Panthers have the sixth overall selection and then won’t pick again until Round 4 at No. 137 overall. Washington doesn’t have a pick in Rounds 3 or 5 while Tampa Bay is without a selection in Rounds 5 and 6.

Here’s a look at the teams with seven or fewer draft picks this year:

1. Miami Dolphins: 4

2. Las Vegas Raiders: 5

T-3. Carolina Panthers: 6

T-3. Chicago Bears: 6

T-3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6

T-3. Washington Commanders: 6

T-7. Cleveland Browns: 7

T-7. Indianapolis Colts: 7

T-7. New Orleans Saints: 7

T-7. Pittsburgh Steelers: 7

T-7. Tennessee Titans: 7