Report: Colts propose change to NFL overtime rules


Could we see a change to the overtime rules in the 2022 NFL season?

The Indianapolis Colts have submitted a rule change proposal where both teams would be guaranteed to possess the ball in overtime, according to's Judy Battista. The change would apply to both the regular season and postseason.

Under the NFL's current rules, if the team that possesses the ball first in the overtime period scores a touchdown, then the game is over. If a field goal is made instead, then the opposing team has the opportunity to either match the field goal or win with a touchdown.

Debate was sparked around the OT rules following the Kansas City Chiefs' divisional round victory over the Buffalo Bills this past postseason. The Chiefs scored a touchdown on the opening overtime possession after a thrilling back-and-forth finish to the fourth quarter.

The Colts also fell victim to the current rules in 2021, losing to Baltimore in Week 5 after the Ravens found the end zone on the first possession of OT (h/t ESPN's Bill Barnwell).

A total of 24 owners need to vote yes for a rule change to be approved. According to Battista, it's unclear how much support there is to alter the OT rules.

The NFL's Competition Committee is meeting this week in Indianapolis. Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay, who is also the Atlanta Falcons' president and CEO, expected overtime-related proposals to be made, both for the regular season and postseason, and also solely for the postseason.