No one knows what this lengthy Aaron Rodgers Instagram post means

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Instagram is typically a place to share an artsy pic of a well-crafted latte, photos of the family dog looking confused in a sweater or a video of grandma blowing out her birthday candles with the assistance of a grandkid that's followed by lots of clapping. 

Yet on Monday night, Aaron Rodgers eschewed those types of posts for one that was meant to... perplex everyone who cares about the NFL?

Here's what the Packers quarterback chose to recently share with his two million-plus followers:

In all, that goes down as a 10-picture gallery complete with a quote from a 13th-century poet, snapshots from places like Rodgers' couch to various stadiums and a lengthy caption that's very heavy on the concept of being grateful.


Is Rodgers about to retire? Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst is scheduled to speak with reporters on Wednesday at Lambeau Field, mind you.

Or is Rodgers about to bid goodbye to the only pro franchise he's ever known? It's worth mentioning that the last picture of his IG post features Randall Cobb, Davante Adams and a blank space in between them that might be a hint about what's to come:

Or did Rodgers simply spend his three-day weekend reflecting on the past year, and once he mixed that nostalgia with a few adult beverages, he felt the need to get emotional on social media? That's a possibility that can't be ignored, especially regarding someone as... unique... as Rodgers.


Between Kyler Murray scrubbing his Insta of all Cardinals-related content, Russell Wilson changing his Twitter profile picture to one that shows him wearing the uniform of his Richmond, Va. prep school and now Rodgers doing whatever the hell he just did, QBs sure are popping off on the Internet to begin this particular offseason.

Fortunately, Washington Commanders fans have a proven track record of staying totally rational and therefore will react to all of these mysterious actions with complete levelheadedness. That, at least, is a relief.

UPDATE — 1:30 P.M.