President Biden shares approval of Commanders’ new name

A close-up of the new Washington Commanders jerseys

The White House is about 12 miles away from FedEx Field, but the DMV suddenly became pretty crowded with Commanders on Wednesday when the NFL franchise announced it would be adopting the name after playing as the Washington Football Team the last two years.

President Joe Biden, the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military, adopted a German shepherd in December and named him, you guessed it, Commander. A few hours after the football team's reveal, Biden posted a message on his official Twitter account voicing his approval of the new name.

Head coach Ron Rivera didn’t leave the president on read for very long, responding to his tweet 17 minutes later with an invitation for Commander to attend a future practice in Ashburn, Va.

Following Wednesday’s announcement, the Commanders now have the name, logos and jerseys that will represent them into the 2022 season and beyond. With a name that honors the military, securing the approval of the man at the top goes a long way.