Three QBs Commanders reportedly passed on for Wentz

Carson Wentz

One day after missing out on both Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers, the Commanders swung a trade for Carson Wentz

Washington, who was focused on improving their quarterback room for next season, gave up two third-round picks and swapped seconds with Indianapolis for a player set to join his third team in as many years. Fans may not be thrilled with the move, but after the two biggest prizes were off the board, Washington's options were limited around the league. 

After canvassing the NFL in an attempt to acquire their next franchise quarterback, the Commanders narrowed their options down to Rodgers, Wilson, Wentz, Deshaun Watson, Jimmy Garoppolo and free agent Mitchell Trubisky according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler

In this case, if their choice came down to choosing between Wentz, Watson, Garoppolo and Trubisky, it's hard to knock giving up two third-round picks for arguably the lowest-risk option. 

Wentz comes with his warts both on and off the field, including some bad performances in big games, off-the-field questions and injury concerns. 

However, Garoppolo just had shoulder surgery on his throwing shoulder, which leaves some doubt as to whether he'd even be healthy enough to start the 2022 season. Watson's legal issues are well-documented at this point and until that situation is resolved, Washington couldn't realistically execute such a complicated move. Both Watson and Garoppolo would likely have cost the Commanders more than what they paid for Wentz, too. 


Then there's Trubisky, who wouldn't have cost the Commanders much at all other than cap space, but there's no reason to believe he's any better than Tayor Heinicke.

There's also still the possibility that Washington drafts a quarterback to join Wentz and Heinicke on the depth chart. The way Wentz's contract is set up, the Commanders are only locked into paying $28 million this season, and then the following two years on his deal are non-guaranteed. 

Is Wentz a better option than Wilson or Rodgers? No chance. Is he a better option than the other three reported targets? He very well could be.

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