Titans get $500 million from Tennessee for new stadium


It looks like the Titans are having their own Extreme Makeover: Stadium Edition. 

Following the Bills, who found themselves in a similar situation earlier this month, the Tennessee AFL franchise is receiving quite the benefit from public entities.

The Tennessee House and Senate passed a budget that includes $500 million for a new football stadium in Nashville, Tenn.

The Tennessean says, “the money will come from a bond that is estimated to cost taxpayers $710 million over the next two decades.” The money will mostly come from the city, the Titans and the NFL, but taxpayer contribution is crucial for the remodel.

The state is giving the team $500 million towards the new venue and with the combination of public contribution, the team will have about $1.5 billion for the grounds, sources say.

This came as a surprise to head coach Mike Vrabel and his two-time league championship squad considering the Senate removed the stadium project from the budget on Wednesday, April 20. Nonetheless, the plans for the venue resurfaced by Thursday and were approved by Friday.


There were high caliber debates in the House and the Senate over the Titans. But after careful consideration and a vote, the House passed the measure by a vote of 71-19. The Senate passed the measure with a vote of 18-13. Both leadership in both chambers now support the funding.

And as a result, the historic Nissan Stadium, which is home to the Tennessee Titans and the Tennessee State University Tigers, will be receiving quite the upgrade. Right across the river from downtown Nashville lies the reputable venue, which opened its doors on August 27, 1999.

Since then, the Titans have made their way into the playoffs a total of 22 times in the past 56 seasons. They last made the playoffs in 2021 but lost in the Divisional Round to Cincinnati. 

But who knows … maybe this new and improved venue will provide the team some good karma for next season.