Watch: Le’Veon Bell knocks out Adrian Peterson in boxing match


Adrian Peterson began his boxing match late Saturday night by hearing the bell ring, and it ended with him getting rung up by Bell.

The 2012 NFL MVP squared off against a fellow free agent running back in Le’Veon Bell in an exhibition at a Social Gloves Entertainment event in Los Angeles. The match reached a decisive fifth round, at which point Bell knocked Peterson out:

Peterson was wobbly getting up, and the official called the match with Bell coming out on top.

“I appreciate everybody's love and support, for real,” Bell said following the event. “That's really what kept me going. Honestly, all the hate ... that motivates me.”

Bell said he plans to pursue a career in boxing and has put football behind him. Peterson, meanwhile, has maintained that he hopes to play in the NFL this season.

Based on the result from Saturday’s fight, both of them seem to be making reasonable choices to chase their respective sports.