DC Defenders

DC Defenders

It could be argued that one of the many things that made attending DC Defenders games so exciting was the beer snake. 

The XFL tradition that initially started off as a joke created by fans in the stands at Audi field by Week 5 became a viral trend.  

The Defenders even took a moment to honor its lasting legacy, tweeting on March 9, "Today we mourn the loss of a national treasure. Rest in peace, Week 5 Beer Snake. Gone but not forgotten.” 

Any future beer snakes will have to wait until 2021 after the XFL suspended its season this week in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Now, what exactly was the beer snake? 

The beer snake was a compilation of plastic beer cups stacked on top on each other. 

According to the XFL, the Week 5 beer snake was made of 1,237 plastic cups and 19,792 ounces of beer, the biggest one yet after fans began the "tradition" during a Week 2 home game against the New York Guardians. 

Even Defenders head coach Pep Hamilton and XFL commissioner Oliver Luck were impressed by the "beer snake." 

"I had never seen anything like that," Hamilton said. "That was pretty cool that the fans were having fun. We gave them a reason to be happy and celebrate."

Although the beer snake was short lived, the memories will last forever.