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DeSean Jackson to auction cleats honoring late rapper Nipsey Hussle

DeSean Jackson to auction cleats honoring late rapper Nipsey Hussle

On the field, DeSean Jackson's first Sunday of the NFL season was a successful one. Rejoining his former team in the Eagles and going against another former team in the Redskins, the veteran caught eight passes for 154 and two scores while exposing Washington in multiple ways.

Off the field, Jackson is continuing to make his impact felt.

Prior to Sunday's game, Jackson sported customized cleats pregame honoring the late Nipsey Hussle. Hussle, a prominent rapper who grew up in the same Los Angeles neighborhood as the receiver, was killed in March.

But, Jackson's determination to honor someone near to his heart isn't stopping there. Jackson will be wearing the custom cleats each game, and plans to auction off each pair and have the proceeds go toward the Nipsey Hussle family foundation. He will also donate money of his own, pledging to match the amount raised by the cleats.

Jackson may once again be a rival of the Redskins, but this act of kindness and love is something everyone can get behind.


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With trade rumors swirling, former Redskins WR DeSean Jackson dazzles in Week 8

With trade rumors swirling, former Redskins WR DeSean Jackson dazzles in Week 8

With just hours before the start of Week 8 on Sunday, rumors came out from Tampa, Fla., that Buccaneers wide receiver DeSean Jackson reportedly wants out. The 31-year-old, who turns 32 in almost a month, is still one of the most dangerous deep threats in the game.

While a reunion with the Redskins may not have made sense a couple months ago, it might make sense now. The Redskins are very thin at wide receiver, as Jamison Crowder missed his third straight game this week. Paul Richardson suited up for Week 8 against the Giants, but was playing through pain.

The Redskins are 26th in the NFL in receiving yards per game, and could benefit greatly from a wide receiver like Jackson who has the ability to stretch the field.

While Jackson may want out of South Florida, if he keeps playing the way he has, there is no reason to think the Buccaneers would consider trading him.

In Sunday's contest against the Cincinnati Bengals, DeSean Jackson caught a 60-yard touchdown pass from Jameis Winston to get the Bucs on the board.

The catch was Jackson's 29th career touchdown of 50 yards or more, and his 24th of 60 yards or more, the most in NFL history.

Jackson adds a dimension to any offense that very few players, if any, have brought to the NFL before.

He could be the missing piece to a Redskins offense that has been struggling to throw the ball down the field. We know fans would love to see that again.



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DeSean Jackson chose Tampa because he wanted a young QB with 'a lot of upside'

DeSean Jackson chose Tampa because he wanted a young QB with 'a lot of upside'

Kirk Cousins is a 28-year-old quarterback, which is pretty youthful by NFL standards, and he's thrown for 4,100+ and 4,900+ yards in the past two seasons, suggesting that his career is on the rise.

But when DeSean Jackson was evaluating where to ink his next contract during his time on the open market, he saw another passer who is younger than Cousins and, in his mind, has more potential than Cousins, too.

And that is one of the main reasons why Jackson left the Redskins and signed with the Buccaneers.

"I think it was a great fit, a great opportunity, a great up-and-coming, young team," the receiver said during an interview on ESPN's First Take. "Jameis [Winston], obviously, in my decision making, I really wanted to go with a young quarterback, someone who had a lot of upside to him and I think he was the one to fit that position."

Like Cousins, Winston has been a full-time starter for two seasons in the league, and like Cousins, he's posted some gaudy numbers.

Most of the numbers, however, don't stack up to Washington's QB. Cousins edges out Winston in touchdowns, completion percentage and yards, and has also taken fewer sacks and thrown fewer picks than the former Heisman Trophy winner, in the last two years.


With those stats in mind, it's safe to say the Michigan State product is superior to the Florida State product today. But after hearing Jackson say he valued Winston's "upside," it's not hard to take that a step further and conclude that Jackson believes Winston's ceiling is higher than Cousins' ceiling. On top of that, the latter's contract situation probably was a factor to some extent.

Speaking of Cousins, the pass catcher was asked to talk about his old signal caller. His response was complimentary — but also quite short.

"I think he has what it takes," Jackson said. "At times, we probably needed more out of him and everybody else on the team as well, too. Kirk Cousins, obviously his numbers are off the charts. He had crazy numbers. But moving forward man, we're in Tampa now." 

It was a speedy answer from a speedy player. And while that speedy player did speak highly of Cousins, he's opting to wind down his career with Winston instead, which basically declares that he decided Winston must have "what it takes" more than Cousins.

Jackson is certainly moving forward in Tampa, but whether his production will move upward with Winston isn't as certain.