Fishing report: Cooling off Fast!!


Fishing report: Cooling off Fast!!

Water temperature will be in the mid 70s this week. Fish are buried in grass with an abundant food supply. Fishing hard cover, low tide grass edges and scattered grass away from grass edges will produce.

Fish will be on the move with clouds, but staying put on hard cover with sunny days! NBC 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, Showers on the way late Monday with high winds and rain on Tuesday. Highs slipping from around 80 early in the week to the low to mid 70s and back to the upper 70s for the weekend. Overnight lows around 60!

An overlooked technique this time of year is drop shotting drops or grass edges. Light line like GAMMA Copoly 8-pound test prevents finicky bass from feeling resistance. Soaking soft plastics in Jacks Juice garlic bait spray encourages fish to hold on. Use light wire hooks like Mustad Mega Lite wide gaps to Texas rig weedless. Slow presentations required.

Work crankbaits like Lucky Craft 1.5 RT in shad patterns on 10-pound GAMMA Copoly on shallow wood cover at lower tides, around riprap at higher tides and docks and bridge pilings.

Texas rig MIZMO Tubes on 30 Mustad Ultrapoint Tube hooks on 14-pound test GAMMA Edge Fluorocarbon line pitched to grass edges, docks and scattered wood. Texas rig weightless stick worms in all areas.

With high morning tides, clear water over grass beds, buzzbaits might work, but walking a loud Lucky Craft Gunfish could bring up a few good ones early or with clouds. As tides fall, throw chatterjigs with green pumpkin skirts and green pumpkin Manns HardNose Flippin Craw trailers. Vary speeds. Manns Baby 1-Minus will work too! In clear water, try shad patterns. Crawfish patterns have been working very well in all water clarities.

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Capitals Faceoff Podcast: A trip to the Stanley Cup Final is on the line


Capitals Faceoff Podcast: A trip to the Stanley Cup Final is on the line

The Eastern Conference Final is going the distance!

After losing three straight to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Capitals won Game 6 to force a Game 7 in Tampa Bay. Can the Caps beat the Lightning one more time and advance to the Stanley Cup Final?

JJ Regan, Tarik El-Bashir and special guest cameraman Mike D break it all down.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to schedule and time constraints, this podcast was recorded by phone and the audio quality is not up to our usual standards.

Check out their latest episode in the player below or listen on the Capitals Faceoff Podcast page.

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Derrius Guice saw 'Avengers' on Monday night — and brought a bunch of Redskins fans with him

Derrius Guice saw 'Avengers' on Monday night — and brought a bunch of Redskins fans with him

Those who are worried about Derrius Guice's character picked up some added evidence when, on Monday night, the Redskins rookie invited a bunch of fans to watch Avengers with him in Ashburn.

Man, what is this guy's deal?

First of all, not everyone likes superheroes. So how did he know that those who joined him actually wanted to see Avengers?  Did he even ask? What if they wanted to see that really successful, really funny, really well-regarded Amy Schumer comedy, instead?

Then, there's the issue of Guice buying tickets and concessions for those who showed up.

Some people enjoy buying movie tickets — which are absolutely reasonably priced these days — and, as far as the concessions, seriously? Candy? Popcorn? He could've at least offered to buy something healthier, like broccoli. All movie theaters have broccoli.  

Thankfully, those who took Guice up on his invitation weren't grateful for the experience at all, which hopefully means this will be the last time he orchestrates a dastardly deed like this one:

At this point, it's a surprise Guice didn't slide even farther down in the draft, like to the 15th round. Unbelievable.