Fishing Report: Grass is starting to die


Fishing Report: Grass is starting to die

Less grass is a good thing, opening opportunities for all day bites! Lower tides are best. 

Water temperature will slowly drop to around 80 and below. NBC Ch. 4 meteorologist "Weather Kim" Martucci says, “Around 90 all week with a chance of thunderstorms Thursday and Friday as a cool front comes through dropping the temperature to the mid 80s. Overnight around 70 to start the week, 60 by the weekend.”

Hydrilla is dying back and creating isolated mats. Look for areas where grass has a thin top layer or many holes to enable fish to find lures. Hollow frogs like white Mann's Goliath frogs on 60 pound GAMMA Braid will work in most scenarios even in direct sun. Take time to punch these small mats, especially during sunny hot times of the day. Use 1/2-1 ounce tungsten weights on braid. Strong flipping Mustad hooks with keeper barbs can bring up big ones! Shake on mats, and then allow bait to fall, watch line. Fish will pull, pull back and hold on. For early morning topwater bites in clear water, try Lucky Craft G-Splash 65 in Shad patterns. Use 10-pound test Copoly and make long casts.  Stained water, go with walking Aurora Black Gunfish.

Crankbaits and spinnerbaits too. For crankbaits, big-bodied buoyant Lucky Craft BDS4 work when pulled into grass. Edge 12-pound test fluorocarbon enables long casts and better snaps out of grass. Contact grass, hesitate, snap free and pause. Otherwise, Mizmo tubes, shaky heads, stickworms and drop shots will fill in during high tide periods. Also a good time to pull out the Texas rigged 10-inch ribbon tail worm. Make repeated casts to good-looking cover.

Capt. Steve Chaconas is a guide on the Potomac River.

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Week 6's Redskins game marked another successful celebration of the THINK-PINK! campaign

Week 6's Redskins game marked another successful celebration of the THINK-PINK! campaign

During the Redskins-Panthers Week 6 matchup, the FedEx Field end zones ditched their usual gold trim for some pink instead. As it turns out, burgundy and pink go quite well together.

The reason for the change was to celebrate the Redskins Breast Cancer Awareness game as well as the 20th anniversary of Tanya Snyder's THINK-PINK! campaign.

Mrs. Snyder started the movement two decades ago by passing out 8,000 handmade pink ribbons at the team's stadium meant to remind people that early detection of breast cancer can make a major difference.

Now, her campaign has gone league-wide and is the reason you see so many players wearing pink in October, fans waving pink towels in the stands and other awareness-raising initiatives throughout the NFL.

"Very, very, very proud," Snyder said while handing out ribbons before the Washington-Carolina game. "We're not finished, but we are making a difference with early detection. So I'm beaming." 

For more information on Snyder and the NFL's breast cancer efforts, head to And for more details about the events held at FedEx Field during Week 6, check out the video above.


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Dwight Howard practices for first time with Wizards, raising likelihood he plays in opener

Dwight Howard practices for first time with Wizards, raising likelihood he plays in opener

On Monday, for the first time since 2018-19 training camp began, the Wizards were complete.

Dwight Howard, who missed three weeks due to a strained piriformis muscle, participated in his first full practice with his new team. The 32-year-old signed a free agent deal with the Wizards in July, but had yet to take the court due to the injury, which began bothering him shortly before camp began on Sept. 25.

Howard had a setback on Oct. 6 and saw a specialist in New York. He received a pain injection on Tuesday and on Saturday began shooting again.

After clearing that hurdle, he was ready to be a full-go with his new teammates.

"It felt pretty good. I really gotta catch my wind and learn some of the offense. But other than that, it felt pretty good," Howard said of Day 1.

Howard practicing on Monday gives him two more days to work with before the Wizards open their season on Thursday at home against the Miami Heat. Both he and head coach Scott Brooks say it's too early to tell if he will be available.

"We'll see how it feels. I will do everything I can to make myself available for all 82 games," Howard said.

Howard not only has to play himself into game shape, he has to develop chemistry and timing with his new teammates. He missed all five of their preseason games.

If Howard can play, that would certainly be a positive turn of events for the Wizards. As of the end of last week, it seemed highly unlikely he would be ready when the regular season began.

But Howard turned a corner and now appears to be coming along quicker than once expected. 

"It was probably our best practice of training camp," Brooks said Monday after finally getting Howard into the mix.

"He has a natural feel. His IQ was pretty high, I was impressed with that. He picked things up."

Howard signed a two-year contract worth $11 million to join the Wizards in July.