With 19th pick, Washington might be smart to focus on QB in 2022

/ by JP Finlay
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In 2017, nobody ever thought Tom Brady would wear anything but a Patriots jersey. He just won a Super Bowl with the Bucs.

In 2015, nobody ever thought Cam Newton would wear anything but a Panthers jersey. Ironically, he's now in his second season with the Patriots.

In 2019 the Rams signed Jared Goff to a four-year, $134 million contract extension. In March, Goff got traded to the Lions. 

And on and on it goes - without even mentioning Matthew Stafford or Carson Wentz. 

All of a sudden, the quarterback carousel has become quite real in the NFL, and next offseason, it could become even crazier. 

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Despite his MVP form, it's entirely possible the Green Bay Packers will want to move on from Aaron Rodgers. Don't forget the team used a first-round pick on QB Jordan Love in the 2020 Draft, and after this season, the Packers can begin to recoup cap savings by releasing or moving Rodgers. 

Plus, Rodgers might force a trade. 

He seemed unhappy after the Packers season ended in January, and in some ways, never really seems happy. As he watched Brady move to Tampa Bay and win a Super Bowl, Rodgers too could get ideas of another place to ply his trade. 


Rodgers is a star, one of the best QBs of all time. A Super Bowl winner, a three-time MVP and a nine-time All-Pro selection. 

But he might not be the only former MVP available next year. In Atlanta, Matt Ryan will turn 37 in 2022 and the Falcons hold a potential out in his contract. 

The Falcons could draft a QB next week with the fourth-overall pick and keep Ryan. With a new coach and general manager, it's hard to know what will happen there, but it's absolutely a situation that needs watching. 

Ryan and Rodgers are the obvious candidates for veteran QBs in 2022, but plenty of others could emerge. Nobody predicted a Wentz going to the Colts or a Goff/Stafford trade this time last year. 

What does all of this have to do with Washington?

Depends on how you look at it. 

Earlier this offseason the Ron Rivera's team made an aggressive trade offer for Stafford. Washington didn't land the QB, but they tried. 

In another year, with more pieces added to a strong young defense and more weapons on offense, the Washington QB job could look quite enticing for a veteran looking to win. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a good option in Washington in 2021, but he's only under contract for one season. If Washington doesn't draft a rookie, particularly in the early rounds, it would make plenty of sense if Rivera chased a veteran next offseason. 

CBS Sports reported Washington would be one of nine teams interested in Rodgers next offseason, and more importantly, it's reasonable to think Rodgers could be interested in Washington. 

Asked last week about the prospect of pursuing a veteran QB as opposed to a rookie, Rivera didn't downplay that option. 

“I think from a big-picture perspective, it’s really about getting the right quarterback whether it’s a young guy or an old guy," Rivera said. "You’ve got to look and say: ‘Hey, this is the fit that we want. This is the fit that we need. Now’s the time.’ We’ll see."

Washington might not get the quarterback of the future this offseason, but playing the long game, that might be part of the plan.