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2 designs prove 'Guardians' is a solid choice for Washington's new name

Football Team

Training camp for the Washington Football Team is in full swing, meaning the franchise has more urgent needs to take care of than figuring out the team's next moniker.

However, as the Burgundy and Gold gear up for the 2020 season, that hasn't stopped fans from submitting their own logo and helmet designs for potential new team names.

Two Instagram accounts -- @JasonThomasartwork and @dcsportsxp -- have partnered up to share their favorite design concepts for each of Washington's potential new names. Earlier this week, the duo shared their own design for the Washington Generals name idea as the first collaboration project between the two of them.


Next up: the Washington Guardians.

On Saturday evening, the crew shared two separate designs for the Guardians' name concept, and they're both spectacular. The first one was a more detailed approach with the mascot, while the second version was a more simplified concept.

'Guardians' has not been one of the most popular potential new name choices among the Washington fan base; Warriors, Redtails and especially Red Wolves have all gained a lot bigger of a following.

But, if the Washington Football Team does ultimately choose the Guardians as it's next team name, these two design concepts show the team has plenty of creativity to work with.