3 instant reactions: Alex Smith not the answer for bad Washington team


Washington benched Dwayne Haskins, started Kyle Allen and finished with Alex Smith, but no amount of quarterback changes made the Burgundy and Gold offense any better. 

Seriously this offense was awful.

With fewer than seven minutes left in the fourth quarter Washington had complied 103 total yards and converted only two of 11 third downs. The run game was non-existent. Seriously. Download and subscribe to Washington Football Talk Podcast


At the end of the third quarter Washington had given its running backs only eight rushes. Through three quarters. 


It was an awful game played in awful weather. While it was incredible to watch Smith's return, watching the actual football was rough. 

  1. Offensive line a mess - Washington gave up seven sacks and couldn't run the ball at all. Aaron Donald dominated like he normally does, but this was a terrible performance for the Washington offensive line. 
  2. Not all Dwayne's fault - The Washington offense struggled to get chunk plays through the first four games with Haskins playing QB, and those same struggles continued without him. Haskins wasn't playing well but it's very obvious he wasn't the only problem either. Allen played almost the whole first half and Smith took over after that, but neither QB found much of a rhythm. 
  3. Who starts next week? - Washington has a winnable game next week in New York but it's unclear who starts at quarterback. Is Kyle Allen healthy enough to start? Does Smith get the start? Stay tuned.